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The climate of Zeeland

The climate of Zeeland is one of the most pleasant in the Netherlands. Zeeland also gets the largest amount of annual hours of sunshine. This means the weather should not negatively affect your visit to this beautiful province with its unique culture and places of interest. Every year the beaches of Zeeland attract many tourists from the Netherlands and from abroad. They are the main attraction in Zeeland. Not only during the summer, because who doesnít like to stroll along the beach on a winterís day and have a cup of hot chocolate in one of the beach pavilions afterwards. The pleasant climate of Zeeland causes this province to be one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Netherlands.

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Summer in Zeeland

Zeeland gets the largest amount of annual hours of sunshine in the Netherlands. During the warmest days an ever blowing sea breeze offers some cooling. This combination causes the climate of Zeeland to be one of the most pleasant in the Netherlands during the summer. During sunny days temperatures are high enough to spend your day on the beach. On the other hand, temperatures are also pleasant enough for an active holiday. The temperature of the North Sea and other waters in Zeeland are pleasant enough to go swimming. However, do not expect tropical temperatures. During the summer the temperature of the sea is about 20 degrees Celsius (59.0 degrees Fahrenheit).

Rain and wind

Because the Zeeland province is situated on the sea and the landscape is very flat the wind can blow freely and rain clouds do not dissolve. During the winter this influences the climate of Zeeland. During the summer a fierce wind coming from the sea may affect the weather. During these days it is almost impossible to spend your day on the beach without a windscreen. During the largest part of the year the wind comes from the sea. When the wind comes from the land temperatures are a few degrees lower. Precipitation is quite evenly spread out over the year. The first part of the year is slightly wetter than the second part on average.

Extreme weather

Because Zeeland has a moderate maritime climate extremes in weather are uncommon. Temperatures far below freezing point are uncommon and tropical temperatures are tempered by the presence of the North Sea. However, periods with extremely high precipitation figures are not uncommon. These figures may be so high that it is impossible for the farmers to work their clayey land.
The flood of 1953 was caused by a combination of a spring tide with a north westerly storm. This caused dikes to break and the water to flow freely into the lower areas of Zeeland. This was the fourth time on record this happened. The first time this happened was recorded in 1421. The Delta Works should prevent a fifth time from happening.

The influence of the water

The North Sea, Easter Scheldt, Wester Scheldt and other waters in Zeeland all affect its climate. sometimes this influence is positive, sometimes negative but it is always there. Because of this influence longer periods with subzero temperatures are uncommon and temperatures are somewhat tempered during the summer. Over the past few centuries the people of Zeeland have learned to live with the sea. Because of this they know the sea may give and the sea may take. Consequently the Zeeland flag shows the coat of arms of Zeeland in the center with a lion rampant in wavy blue lines representing the waves and the constant struggle against the sea.

Best traveling periods

The best period to visit Zeeland is during the summer. during the summer the tourist industry is at its peak and there is always something to do in this province. The only disadvantage of visiting Zeeland during the summer is that it may be very crowded. There will be lines of people waiting at most attractions and the beaches are anything but abandoned. In most cities and villages fairs and markets are held where you can buy products which are typical of this province.

If you like some peace and quiet the best periods for visiting Zeeland are spring and fall. During most days the climate is still pleasant enough for outdoor activities. However, there is also the possibility that you can hardly go outdoors during your stay because of bad weather.

The beach during the winter

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the climate of Zeeland

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