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Zeeland can be reached very well by car, bicycle or train. In some cases you will have to travel via Belgium or across the Delta Works before you reach the province. In Zeeland many beautiful bicycle routes can be found. The flat landscape in Dutch Flanders is ideal for long cycling trips along the many beautiful villages in Zeeland. If you travel by car you also come across many unique places. You can even drive along the seaward side of the dike which is unique in the Netherlands. The many bridges, tunnels and dams make a tour through Zeeland quite special.

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By car

Zeeland can be reached very well by car. However, you will probably have to drive across a bridge, through a tunnel or across a dam before you reach your final destination. On most roads in Zeeland there is a speed limit. This is often monitored by average speed measurement or radar control. There are very few highways in Zeeland with a speed limit of 120 km/h or 130 km/h. On most provincial roads the speed limit is 80 km/h or 100 km/h. This is often indicated by means of road markings. On roads with a double white line the speed limit is 80 km/h. A continuous green line in between two white lines means the speed limit is 100 km/h. If there is no center line on the road it means the speed limit is 80 km/h, unless indicated otherwise. The small back roads in Zeeland may cause dangerous situations. We advise you to drive slowly and keep the oncoming traffic in mind. During the warmest days of the year traffic jams may occur on the roads towards the coast. Be prepared for this and bring enough food and drink. We advise you to either go to the beach very early or wait for the traffic jams to be dissolved. However, if you arrive late, it will be very hard to find a parking spot.

By train

Besides several cargo tracks and a tourist train there is only one railroad in the entire province of Zeeland. This railroad runs from Roosendaal to Vlissingen and has 11 stops. These stations are: Vlissingen, Vlissingen Souburg, Middelburg, Arnemuiden, Goes, Kapelle-Biezelinge, Kruiningen-Yerseke, Krabbendijke, Rilland-Bath, Bergen op Zoom and Roosendaal. During the warmest days of the year the train is the ideal transportation to reach the beach. While others are in a traffic jam or looking for a good parking spot you are dropped off in Vlissingen. From here you can take the ferry to Breskens, take the bus to one of the beaches in Walcheren or visit one of the beaches of Dutch Flanders.

Zeeland by bicycle

Zeeland is the most popular province among cyclists. Whether you go on a sporty tour on a racing bicycle or a tour along the dunes on a rented bicycle; the possibilities are endless. There are several different ways to go on a tour. You can set out your own route using the bicycle route network. The cycle nodes (numbered reference points) take you along the most beautiful places in the province. You can also opt for a signed tour. These tours are set out in different lengths and difficulties. During several tours you will have to take one of the many ferries. The most popular tour which is held annually is the ‘Delta for the Roses’. Participants can choose between distances of between 25 and 120 kilometers. You can rent a bicycle in Cadzand, Zoutelande, Domburg, Serooskerke, Wolphaarsdijk and Renesse. At some of these rental companies you can rent unique bicycle such as a carrier cycle or a tandem for two adults and a kid.


Most car ferries have been replaced by tunnels and bridges over the years. However, several bicycle ferries can still be found in the province. The best known among them is probably the ferry that sails between Breskens and Vlissingen. This is also one of the few ferries that sails all year round. Besides several pulled ferries the ferry that sails between Sluiskil East and Sluiskil West also sails all year round. During the summer many ferries operate. Some of them only sail a few times per week while others sail several times a day.
We have listed the most popular ferries in Zeeland below:
Sint Annaland-Zierikzee

Bridges and tunnels

Many bridges and several tunnels can be found in Zeeland. In most places where a bridge or tunnel is situated there used to be a ferry. When the Wester Scheldt tunnel was constructed the last car ferry disappeared. With a length of 6,600 meters the Wester Scheldt tunnel is the longest tunnel in the Netherlands. This tunnel was opened in 2003 and consists of two separate tubes that have been linked to each other every 250 meters. You will have to pay toll to use the tunnel, this is about 5 euros per car. Cyclists will have to take the bus through the tunnel. The longest bridge in the Netherlands can also be found in Zeeland. The Zeeland Bridge is 5,022 meters long and was opened in 1965. This bridge has been toll free for several years now. There are also several dams that connect the islands. The best known among them are the Oesterdam, the Brouwersdam and the Philipsdam. All of these dams are part of the Delta Works.

Parking in Zeeland

With the usual exceptions you will have to pay a parking fee in most large places, villages and of course at the most popular attractions. In most cases fees are below the national average. However, there is always a chance that some fees will come as an unpleasant surprise. On the coast you may come across two options. The first is the regular parking meter where you have to pay per minute. The other option is a guarded pay and display area where you pay a parking fee for the entire day. This often turns out to be the cheapest option. A pleasant exception is Westkapelle where you can park free of charge along the beaches and in the village. If you go to the less popular beaches you also have the chance you can park your car free of charge. However, in most cases there are only few facilities on these beaches, if none at all.

If you park your car in the vicinity of the North Sea we advise you to check when spring tides start. In most cases this is indicated at the parking lot. However, you may not be the first person to find their car submerged on returning.

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