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The website zeelandforbeginners.com was created on the basis of our own experiences with the Zeeland province. The author of this website was born in Zeeland and he spent his youth there. He still visits Zeeland on a regular basis to visit family, go on a holiday or a daytrip. Because this website was created on the basis of personal experiences there will be subjects that may be insufficiently highlighted, this has to do with personal preferences.
However, we have tried to write as objectively as possible. All sorts of discounts (hotels, restaurant checks, etc) for the sake of good reviews have been and will be turned down. That would make this website unreliable. From this perspective we have tried to write as objectively as possible. However, our own opinions and experiences give this website about Zeeland an extra touch. This website was created in a partnership between Mediajam and Silvermedia. The contents of this website were translated from Dutch into English by Out of Bounds Copywriting.

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The contents of this website were composed with the greatest care. No rights may be derived from reading this information. We accept no responsibility for damage however caused by incorrect information or an incorrect interpretation of the information shown on this website.

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