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Zeeland for beginners

Zeeland is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Netherlands. Every year tens of thousands of tourists from both the Netherlands and other countries visit the coast of Zeeland. This website is meant for those who visit this province for the first, second or third time. This website also informs you on other sites in this province besides the coastal region. This website offers a brief description of the most popular cities in Zeeland and the nicest, most beautiful and most special attractions in this province. We also provide a page with information on the beaches of Zeeland. On this page you can find practical information about beaches and their surroundings. On the page ‘Typically Zeeland’ you can find information about products and customs this province is famous for.

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Holiday in Zeeland

The most popular destinations in Zeeland can be found along the coast. Several holiday parks, campsites and other types of accommodation to spend the night can be found here. This is also why this is one of the most popular destinations for the Dutch who wish to vacation in their own country. During the summer the entire coastal region is all about tourism. The Zealanders will do anything to make your stay one that you will not forget.

Spending the night in Zeeland

Zeeland offers a lot of possibilities for spending the night. Whether you want to stay in a five star hotel or in a wooden beach hut, all this can be realized. Along the coastal region as well as in the interior a lot of campsites can be found. There are many differences in accommodation and prices. However, a campsite for every budget can be found. Whether it is ‘Glamping’ or staying on a grassland behind the shed of a local farmer, all this belongs to the realm of possibilities. Several bungalow parks can be found in Zeeland that offer a wide variety of accommodations. A pool and a large playground can be found on most of these bungalow parks. The most unique way to spend the night in Zeeland is in a beach hut on Walcheren. Ending the day with a beautiful sunset and a glass of local wine to start the next day again with a beautiful sunrise after which you are the first to pick a good spot on the beach.

Food and beverages

The people of Zeeland have a reputation of being stingy. However, where food is concerned this is not true. At this moment no less than 7 restaurants can be found in the Zeeland province that have at least one Michelin star.

You can also find many cozy restaurants and grand cafes in Zeeland where you can enjoy your lunch or dinner. Can you imagine something more relaxed than watching the sun go down while you enjoy a lovely meal in one of the beach pavilions? In terms of food there is nothing more typical of Zeeland than eating mussels. The Zeeland town in Dutch Flanders is specialized in cooking mussels. Because of the pleasantly mild climate 7 different wines are made in Zeeland. This will typically be a white wine.

Shopping in Zeeland

Because there are no real big cities in Zeeland there are also only few large shops. However, everything you need during your stay is available. In most cities and villages in Zeeland Sunday as a day of rest is strictly adhered to and no shop will be opened. In most large cities in Zeeland shops are open one Sunday per month. However, in Sluis and Hulst the shops are open every Sunday. Traditionally many Belgians come shopping here on Sundays. If you want to buy products which are typical of this region you should visit one of the many markets or one of the farmer’s shops at a local farmer. The best places to go shopping in Zeeland are: Middelharnis, Goes, Sluis, Middelburg and Zierikzee.

In the coastal region you can find many tourist shops where you can buy kites, fishing nets and shells. A typical souvenir is ‘Het Zeeuwse Knopje’ which is a piece of jewelry.


We are trying to keep the information on www.zeelandforbeginners.com as accurate, fair and up-to-date as possible. However, there is always a chance that ‘mistakes’ creep in or something changes which we have not processed on our website yet. If you have any comments, please send us an e-mail.

A day at the beach

Zeeland is a popular holiday destination and a popular destination as a daytrip. Every year tens of thousands of tourists come to spend a day on one of the beaches of Zeeland or visit one of the many places of interest. Early in the season when the first warm rays of the sun appear thousands of people travel to Zeeland causing long traffic jams on the roads toward the beaches. Because of this we advise you to arrive early and leave late. After you have spent the day on the beach you can enjoy your dinner in one of the many restaurants in Zeeland. Have a nice cup of coffee afterwards and you can travel home without any traffic jams. We advise you to prepare well before leaving for a day on the beach. Bring sunscreen with a high enough protective factor and take enough food and drink with you. On most beaches rental companies can be found where you can rent a parasol, long chair or windscreen. During some days these items may be no unnecessary luxury. If there is no rental company on the beach of your choice we advise you to at least bring a windscreen so you can be out of the wind and in the shade when necessary.

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